Wednesday, December 24, 2008

two peas in a pod, really

Original post is pictures of Christina Aguilera out with her son.

This comment, however, is in regards to Xtina's baby-daddy, Jordan Bratman:

2008-12-23 11:48 pm (local) (link)
Its sad that her kid is never going to know the difference between mommy and a clown.

2008-12-23 11:52 pm (local) (link)
Or the difference between daddy and a Monchichi.

2008-12-23 11:56 pm (local) (link)
lol omg

2008-12-24 12:25 am (local) (link)

I just spit water out

(FYI, this is a monchichi. Striking resemblance, no?)

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