Thursday, December 18, 2008

LOL (no, really!)

In a Free For All Friday post, LJ user violue speaks up about a srs intarwebs epidemic.

2008-10-17 04:00 pm (local) (link)
Remember when LOL used to mean something? I do. Time was, someone said something funny on the internet, something so funny that you laughed out loud, you responded with an LOL. Hell if something was really funny, you might even be laughing your ass off...and you'd toss out an LMAO. Once in a while, if you were laughing really hard, you'd respond with ROTFLMAO... even though nobody really was "rolling on the floor laughing my ass off."

But now? Now LOL is everywhere. Even the slightest joke gets an LOL these days, and we can all assume no one is really laughing. I saw one guy online that inexplicably used "lol" at the end of every message. What the hell was so funny?

Here on ONTD I see "LOL @ the morons on this post" or "lol, (name of lame band here)." Are these people really laughing? I doubt it. We're all a bunch of liars! In fact, now if something actually makes us laugh, we have to say I lol'd people know we were honestly and truly laughing.

So what's the point of this? Nothing. Just something I was thinking about when I woke up from my nap. :D

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Once at work I IMed someone in the next cubicle and they responded with lol, when I had not heard them laugh out loud at all, and I got angry.

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now that really made me lol. or chuckle at least

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I actually laughed

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(Honestly, I did.)

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