Tuesday, December 23, 2008

if only it were that simple on humans

Original post shows Katie Holmes (who has been photographed with herpes blisters on her mouth in the past) out and about with Suri recently, looking a bit... rough.

LJ user astormatsea has a concern, and LJ user drkcherry has a reasonable solution.

2008-12-23 02:56 pm (local) (link)
my friend has a cold sore
she kept touching it
then touching my laptop
im concerned :|

2008-12-23 02:57 pm (local) (link)
Run a virus scan...it will be fine

2008-12-23 02:59 pm (local) (link)
LMAO! *dead*

2008-12-23 02:59 pm (local) (link)
I loled

2008-12-23 03:23 pm (local) (link)
LMAO omg i cannot breathe

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