Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a good one for The Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks

Original post shows notes from Michael Jackson to his fans promising he will perform soon.

LJ user fadezaway shares his personal experience with unintentional (or is it?) quotation mark misuse.

2008-11-14 11:00 am (local) (link)
Why is "really" in "quotations?"

It's a huge pet peeve of mine when people use quotations
in the wrong places. For instance, on the bathroom door
at work, there's a sign that says: PLEASE "KNOCK"
QUOTATIONS?!?! Do you want us to PRETEND to
knock?! fjalbjal;bja

2008-11-14 11:16 am (local) (link)

2008-11-14 11:17 am (local) (link)
ugh my dad does that. he has no idea what to do with quotes. he gives cards to us on our birthdays with something like: happy birthday, "love you", dad.

...or maybe he does know what quotes mean and is just an asshole.

it could be either, really.

2008-11-14 11:23 am (local) (link) Track This

2008-11-14 11:32 am (local) (link) Track This
hahaha i just loled at work.

2008-11-14 11:38 am (local) (link) Track This
LMAO!! awww

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