Monday, December 29, 2008

she are edumacated!

Original post is an article about the 3rd installment of The Chronicles of Narnia films.

LJ user shilohninejulia spouts off about how she read all 9 books (in a 7-book series, by the way, now THAT'S impressive!), and LJ user mylittlerants' response = A+++.

2008-12-24 02:33 pm UTC (link)
w/e i still like the 70s cartoon version of lion, which & wardrobe better than any of these films.
on a sidenote, i was homeschooled for preschool/kindergarten, by a family friend who ran a little school in her garage. it was like a group of 15 kids maybe.. all of us family friends with similar religious beliefs. in kindergarten we read all nine narnia books.
then when i was still 5, i started first grade at a public school. i was sooooo advanced compared to the kids in that class. they had to put me in all these advanced classes.

2008-12-24 03:43 pm UTC (link)
thats nice.

2008-12-24 04:30 pm UTC (link)
The books were so much better than the movie,
I still like the books very much!

On a completely unrelated side note that has nothing
to do with anything at all--like, whatsoever... when I
was five, I was so intelligent, I moved up to the ninth
grade and when I graduated, I was nine years old. For
our superlatives, I even got voted for "future president"
and even "best dressed". I was so popular. I was just
sooo much of a genius, they just had to vote me for those
things...they just had to!

I'm smarter than Barack Obama.

2008-12-24 04:56 pm UTC (link)

2008-12-24 05:28 pm UTC (link)
lmfao A+++

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2008-12-24 05:36 pm UTC (link)

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