Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Possibly RDJ's #1 fan

Original post contains an article saying that Robert Downey Jr. is being a diva and making "extravagant demands" on the set of his upcoming movie, Sherlock Holmes.

2008-12-23 01:25 am UTC (link)
I refuse to believe anything bad about him until he personally walks up to me and punches me in the neck. And even then I'd probably be like 'well, I was sort of asking for it, standing here and all.'

2008-12-23 01:27 am UTC (link)
lol irl

2008-12-23 01:31 am UTC (link)

2008-12-23 01:32 am UTC (link)
lol same ):

2008-12-23 01:33 am UTC (link)

Thanks to Alex D. for the submission!

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