Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"It's funny, because it's true."

Original post has pictures of the Royal family attending Christmas Day service in Sandringham, England.

LJ user shanniesaysyo is disturbed by how the Royal family looks, so... well... BRITISH, and LJ user screamofwheat's response is funny, but true... (with certain exceptions, of course... I'd marry David Bowie anyday.)

2008-12-25 04:43 pm UTC (link)
i cant get over it

i mean they have money to like... make that look better? right?

2008-12-25 04:45 pm UTC (link)
money can't fix british

2008-12-25 04:49 pm UTC (link)

2008-12-25 04:58 pm UTC (link)

2008-12-25 05:01 pm UTC (link)
omfg lmao

Thank you to Ivy for the submission!

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