Monday, March 2, 2009

English, plz?

Original post is a short article about Sienna Miller and how she has admitted being "at war" with other women over the way they judge her. There is a quote from Sienna saying, "We say we want to be equal, but men don't sit around bitching at each other. There's no sisterhood."

LJ user carriehunt's response to alyssenine's comment is... perfect.

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wow, she's saying something it is quite clever and sadly true. just not in her context, because i think the way she leads her life is sort of flack-inducing... but yeah. she's got a point, or a half-point, because i've observed irl that its either completely true or completely untrue, like 50/50.

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and in south africa and the iraq, like such as.

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hahah, okay thank you. i understood none of that comment.

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lol ikr

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Thanks to Colleen O. for the submission!

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