Tuesday, February 24, 2009

she got your crazy

Original post has a sound file which is allegedly Britney Spears' leaving a voicemail saying she wants Jon Eardley to represent her as a co-appointed attorney. The general consensus is that it's NOT her.

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If thats Britney Spears I'll cut my clit off with a sharpened copy of "Circus".

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2009-02-24 08:34 am (local) (link) Track This
ow!! *crosses legs*

Also, I wasn't the only one who laughed out loud at this comment to the entire post:

2009-02-24 07:56 am (local) (link) Track This
Sure. Why not. Next.

2009-02-24 07:59 am (local) (link) Track This

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i lol'd.

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