Wednesday, March 11, 2009

plain to see

Original post is a photoshoot of the Top 13 of the current season of American Idol.

LJ user replies to the post with a comment about Scott's picture (Scott is the blind contestant on American Idol.) His picture:

ONTD mod ecctv's reply speaks for itself.

2009-03-11 06:15 am UTC (link)
blind guy does not look blind.

2009-03-11 06:16 am UTC (link)

2009-03-11 06:17 am UTC (link)
i feel bad for loling

2009-03-11 06:20 am UTC (link)

sorry scott, bb. i had to.

2009-03-11 07:41 am UTC (link)
I can't stop laughing.

Thanks to Denise for sending this in!

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