Friday, January 2, 2009

a dose of good ol' sarcasm

Original post is an update on what all the stars from the movie "10 Things I Hate About You" are up to these days, as the movie came out almost 10 years ago.

LJ user classifyed reports in about the 2 extras she knows, that were in the movie.

2008-12-30 10:50 pm (local) (link) Track This
k so one of my friends is the dancing black guy in the party scene

and a girl I went to college with is one of the blonde soccer players

they are fine now also

2008-12-30 11:01 pm (local) (link) Track This
ty for that info, i was wondering about those two characters, in particular!

2008-12-30 11:13 pm (local) (link) Track This
LOL irl.

2008-12-30 11:16 pm (local) (link) Track This
seconding the lol irl

2008-12-31 12:49 am (local) (link) Track This

Thanks to Angelika for the submission!

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  1. I think classifyed's comment is meant to be funny... I think that part of the thread should be bolded, as it is obviously sarcastic and it's actually funny!