Thursday, April 23, 2009

"that was way harsh, Tai"

Original post shows pictures of Heidi Klum out with her children.

's comment to [info]rara_imura is harsh, but funny, ngl.

2009-04-16 02:10 pm UTC (link) Track This
OMG I looked almost exactly like her when I was a toddler! My nose and eye color are the only differences.

I wish I had a scanner right now!

2009-04-16 02:15 pm UTC (link) Track This
aww don't worry, we don't care anyway.

2009-04-16 02:32 pm UTC (link) Track This

2009-04-16 02:44 pm UTC (link) Track This
omg, hahaha!

2009-04-16 02:52 pm UTC (link) Track This
lol irl

Thanks to Helen, aka bakachibigaki on LJ, for sending this in!

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