Friday, April 10, 2009

conversations with ourselves, part II

Original post really doesn't have much to do with the amusing comments, but nonetheless, it announces that Christina Ricci is engaged.

[info]coldvic (who's been featured here before) has a conversation... with himself, which provides amusement all around.

2009-03-17 10:12 pm UTC (link) Track This
I love this bitch. I was sitting next to her eating lunch at Toi on Sunset and she's like -- the size of my arm. That dude is probably 5'5 considering how short she was, lmao.

2009-03-17 10:12 pm UTC (link) Track This
Rude, he's 6'6".

2009-03-17 10:12 pm UTC (link) Track This
Rude, stop talking to yourself.

2009-03-17 10:13 pm UTC (link) Track This

2009-03-17 10:14 pm UTC (link) Track This
omg lol

2009-03-17 10:15 pm UTC (link) Track This
LOL I like you.

2009-03-17 10:38 pm UTC (link) Track This
hahaha omg i'm dying

Thanks to Delisa for sending this in.

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