Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the things we do for ONTD! ;)

Original post says that Rihanna allegedly escaped to Hawaii after the nude photos of her were leaked last week.

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does she know everyone in Hawaii has seen her boobs, too?

2009-05-10 11:55 pm UTC (link) Track This
Nah, we don't have internet over here.

2009-05-11 12:12 am UTC (link) Track This
Did you make this comment through a coconut?

2009-05-11 12:29 am UTC (link) Track This
Yes. The keyboard is made out of shells and glued with lava. I lost a couple fingers, but it's allll worth it for ONTD.

2009-05-11 01:26 am UTC (link) Track This
The professor from Gilligan's Island ain't got shit on you!

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Thanks to Jackie for sending this in.

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